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Welcome to garagetoolguy.com – We share reviews and information to help you understand which tool is the right purchase for you to make. This website started off primarily reviewing and talking about the best drill press but has since expanded to include various articles containing information to help you with picking your tools. When you’re shopping for hand tools, power tools, storage equipment, or safety geargaragetoolguy.com is here to help.

We provide these reviews so that you can make an informed decision and know what the important considerations are before you invest in a  new tool for your DIY, building or woodwork needs. We are passionate about using and reviewing high quality tools and hope that you find the information here to be valuable.



Garage Tool Guy is owned and operated by James Sanders, and his wife Kelly. James likes to dive in deep and research the tools, and come up with his detailed top 10 lists. He also writes the articles and then posts them live onto the website. James is also a long time fan of graphic designs as well as being an experienced webmaster. The technical aspects like hosting and domain names are all taken care of by James thanks to his industry experience.

About James Sanders:

In my previous career I worked for a web marketing agency, where I learned most of my technical skills that I apply to managing this website. Since then I have become a qualified carpenter (builder) and have now been in the industry for 5+ years, so as you might imagine I have used just about every power tool under the sun. In my time working with wood I’ve learned the correct way to spot a good quality tool from a bad quality one.

Having this career has also helped me to pick up facts and knowledge about which power tools are suited to each task. It’s also helped me to understand which brand is the best, and what the correct way to use a power tool safely is. I can also spot from a mile away when a tool is going to have reliability problems down the track, so I can share this knowledge with anyone interested in our reviews.

On this blog I will use all of my knowledge to ensure that you get the best tools for the work you’re doing in your garage or workshop. Even those of you on a tight budget will find something that suits your needs, and will be reliable for years to come!

Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any specific questions about power tools, or any of the other content we talk about on this website.