Best Hard Hat Light – top picks (2021)

The best hard hat light is an important thing to have when you’re wearing a hard hat, as it serves its purpose by giving light without the use of your hands (unlike a torch which requires the use of your hands). A hard hat head headlamp, also known as a hard hat light is great for work or even recreational sports activities where you might find yourself in the dark. By wearing a good hard hat light you can vastly increase your performance and efficiency. But to do this it is crucial that you choose the best hard hat light for your specific needs.

Make sure to choose a headlight that is impact resistant so that it is durable and doesn’t get easily damaged. You should also choose one that has the feature where you can adjust the head cap so that it’s comfortable to use. And don’t forget that it must also be lightweight as working for long hours with extra weight attached to your head is a bad idea. A good hard hat light should be able to tilt the lights to different angles, and adjust to various different powers efficiently and easily. Another thing that you should look out for is battery life. Often you will be in situations where you are relying on hard hat lights as your primary light source, so it’s important that the battery does not fail.


Hard Hat Lights – Our 3 Favorite Models

Below we’re taking a look at 3 of the best hard hat light models around. We have picked these 3 models after conducting extensive research so that you don’t have to.The products we list here tick all the boxes in terms of what we think a hard hat light needs to be considered good.


LE LED Headlamp

The LE hard hat light is battery powered and provides a good level of brightness for both recreational activities like running, and for working in a workshop. In the brightest setting the light covers a very large area (more than 20 feet) so it can cover your whole workshop easily. This hard hat light has 3 different adjustable levels of brightness, using 2 LEDs, 10, or 18 at full power. It also has a red flashing light too, all of these setting are adjustable so you can illuminate the right area to the preference of whoever is using the light.

This headlight is fully adjustable and very ergonomic. It has knobs that adjust the size making it fit perfectly for any size. It weighs about 2.8 ounces so it’s not too heavy and can therefore be used for long periods of time. This product has an impact resistant frame which makes it very strong and durable, durable enough to be used in a construction environment or in your workshop.


Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp

Foxelli is a reputable brand known for making great headlamps, and this hard hat light is no exception. This Foxelli head lamp is USB chargeable for maximum convenience. It is also built to be high quality and durable so this should be a very long lasting piece of equipment. It has a charging time of 2 hours and can produce more than 100 hours of light, so as far as hard hat lights go this one does last a long time. It has a built in battery indicator which shows the percentage to which the battery is charged so you can know how much light you have left before use.

The lights produce a strong beam of 400 foot distance which makes this perfect for outdoors or in the workshop.The Foxelli headlamp frame is fold-able so you can easily store it without it getting damaged. Furthermore the frame as mentioned before is impact resistant which makes this perfect for people who are rough with their gear.



The Jobsite touch headlamp from Dewalt is perfect for both outdoor activities and as the name implies jobsite activities or in the work shop. It produces light that can reach more than 100 feet, so it can easily go the distance of the whole workshop. The jobsite touch light also has a built in tilting functionality which enables you to aim wherever you prefer so you can see your work properly. Like the other hard hat lights on this list, this has an easily fold-able frame for safe storage.

The frame, as well as being fold-able is also impact resistant, ensuring durability and a long lasting lifespan. Furthermore the light is actually water resistant, so it can stand up to tough outdoor and wet conditions. This head light comes with four different light modes which makes this a very versatile piece of gear.



In conclusion the LE LED Hard Hat Light is the best in our opinion, that’s because it ticks all the boxes that are required to make a hard hat light good and efficient. A good hard hat light needs to be adjustable to fit various sizes, and the light needs to be reasonably light weight so that it’s not adding a huge extra weight to your head which can be tiring. It also needs to have a good battery so the light can last for hours on end.