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Power tools are operated by an outside power source. So they can operate very efficiently and quickly, with minimal effort compared to other tools. However some power tools are bulky and heavy so they’re not always a walk in the park to use. Our favorite power tool is the drill press, as it is an extremely versatile tool with numerous uses. To make sure you get good power tools, don’t go cheap. Spending a little extra is always worth it as high quality tools are more likely to last you a long time. Check out some of the reviews in this category before you go shopping.

Best Drill Press in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Benchtop drill press style

If you’re looking at buying a new drill press, you are in the right place. Browse through our drill press reviews before making a decision. Our aim is to help you get the best value for money by giving you everything you need to make a well informed choice resulting in you owning the best […]

Best Jigsaw for the Money – 2021 Reviews

The Jigsaw is a tool which deserves a place in everyone’s tool collection. They are great at creating smooth cuts in wood, they’re very versatile, and relatively easy to get started with. But not all models are created equal. Some are high quality and great to use, while other cheaper models are prone to excessive […]

Best Angle Grinders – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

An angle grinder is an essential tool for every handyman to have. If you don’t already own one, but are looking to buy one then you’re in the right place. Read carefully through our angle grinder reviews before you take the leap and buy, so you can be sure you get the best angle grinder […]

Craftsman 12 inch drill press review

The Craftsman 12″ drill press packs a good bang for your buck, considering it features high end specs like digital depth readout, a powerful motor, and great speed settings. Many pros and newbies, DIYers and woodworkers all regard this machine highly, and Craftsman is also a very reputable brand that has been in the industry […]

Delta 18-900L 18 inch Drill Press Review

You can’t go further than the Delta 18-900L if you’re looking for a top-end drill press that has some serious power and performance. At a large size of 18 inches, and being equipped with an advanced laser guidance crosshair guidance system this really is a top of the line model, great for for professionals but […]

Shop Fox W1668 review

The Shop Fox W1668 is a breeze to use and operate for the everyday DIY task or for the more advanced professional jobs. This machine definitely has sufficient power and speed. It is also a very versatile drill press able to comfortably tackle a large variety of tasks because it is powered by a 3/4 horsepower […]

SKIL 3320-01 Review

The SKIL 3320-01 is a high quality and high precision machine. When ordinary doesn’t make the cut in terms of accuracy and precision that is when you need something like the 10-inch 3.2 amp SKIL 3320 drill press. To see if this is the best drill press for you, continue on through our detailed “Pros […]

WEN 4208 Review

The WEN 4208 may be perfect for you, if you are browsing for a capable yet compact drill press for your garage or workshop that has all the features of a top end machine at an affordable price. For the price, the quality and performance of the WEN 4208 is unbeatable.   Pros: Powerful 5-speed, able […]

Mini Drill Press – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A mini drill press may be the best bet for you if you intend to work with small objects like circuitry or jewellery. A notable advantage of the mini drill press is that it’s very compact and highly portable. This is because the drilling surface/table is the same part of the machine as the supportive […]

Best Belt Sander Reviews in 2021

Is a belt sander of any use to a woodworker? Such a question shouldn’t exist because belt sanders are essential for woodworking. In this tech-savvy era, it’s a matter of concern if you do not spot sanders in a woodworking shop. These tools not only ease your task but also produce efficient results in a […]

5 Best Random Orbital Sanders (2021)

Random orbital sanders are hand-held power tools in which blades deliver a random-orbit action. This means that the angle of rotation of the head and disc is variable. They are typically used for sanding and are relatively different from standard belt sanders due to their random orbit sanding pattern, which is produced by the simultaneous […]